Weir Valve

Blakeborough® BV985 Desuperheater

Our multi-nozzle desuperheater design is proven in thousands of installations. The BV985 offers increased CV ratings and improved rangeability with options of modified characteristics.

Batley Valve® BV 34000 – Vulcanised rubber lined

Vulcanised rubber lined butterfly valves developed to address a high quality, low cost valve, for use on corrosive line fluids such as seawater and brine.

Batley Valve® BV 30000 – Varidiff Vane

Our Varidiff trim provides a solution to the problems of cavitation and noise generated by conventional butterfly valves due to their inherent high pressure recovery.

Batley Valve® BV 26000 – Metalseal

The Batley Valve® Metalseal design lends its self for use on higher temperatures and abrasive service where a PTFE seal would not be acceptable.

Batley Valve® BV 24000 – Firesafe

We developed Firesafe designs for petrochemical and offshore customers. A secondary metal seal is designed to maintain positive shut-off in case of fire damage to the PTFE seal.

Batley Valve® BV 22000 – Hyperseal

The Batley Valve® BV 22000 Hyperseal double offset is a versatile butterfly valve available in varied sizes and ANSI classes depending on the application.

Batley Valve® BV 20000 – Steadseal

This double eccentric rubber seal butterfly valve is designed to ensure a uniform 360° seal contact in the closed position.

Batley Valve® BV 18000 – PTFE Lined Batseal

The Batley Valve® Batseal valve design incorporates PTFE to obtain maximum corrosion resistance for both shut off and control of line fluids.

Batley Valve® BV 16000 – SpoolSeal

The Batley Valve® BV 16000 SpoolSeal butterfly control valve incorporates the use of a replaceable rubber liner for body protection.

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