Batley Valve® BV 34000 – Vulcanised rubber lined

Vulcanised rubber lined butterfly valves developed to address a high quality, low cost valve, for use on corrosive line fluids such as seawater and brine.

General Details

The Batley Valve® BV 34000 vulcanised rubber lined butterfly valve incorporates a liner that is bonded to the valve body. This allows the valve to have higher closed differential pressures from full vacuum up to 20 bar g and the potential for higher fluid velocities up to 8 metres per second (dependent on valve size). The valve body incorporates a small raised spigot that prevents the body liner from being over compressed during installation.

Key features/benefits

  • The valve is ideally suited to the dual role of process isolation and control and as such can be fitted with a wide range of manual and powered operators.
  • The design is such that the body and shaft material is fully isolated from the line fluid and as such lower specification materials such as Cast Iron & Carbon Steel can be used in lieu of the more expensive AL Bronze and Stainless Steel.


  • The valve has a wide range of applications in many industries and in particular it has found favour in the Iron and Steel, Electrical Generation, Desalination and Marine Industry.


  • Multipurpose flow control (Industrial)
  • Multipurpose flow control (Power)

Design standards

BS 4504, JIS, DIN BS 10, BS 5155, AWWA C504, MSS SP67, API 609, DIN and ISO

Design ratings

ASME 150#

Size range/-dimensions

50mm to 2000mm (2″ to 80″)

Pressure class/-power rating


Temperature range

-40°C to 140°C (-40°F to 284°F)




Body material: Carbon Steel.

Trim Materials: Austenitic SS, 17-4 PH, Duplex/Super Duplex SS, Various hard surfaces to seat & seal ring available (stellite, tungsten carbide).