Blakeborough® BV985 Desuperheater

Our multi-nozzle desuperheater design is proven in thousands of installations. The BV985 offers increased CV ratings and improved rangeability with options of modified characteristics.

General Details

The standard model incorporates 12 carefully spaced spray nozzles designed for optimum dispersion in the steam flow, and to minimise coalescence of the droplets. Nozzles are arranged so that at low steam flows water is injected into high turbulence zone of the vortices shed from the desuperheater probe. The design incorporates swirl chambers and conical nozzle for optimum atomisation even at low superior pressures. Injection assemblies can be characterised to suit process requirements and nozzle selection can be changed after installation.

Key features/benefits

  • Variable Spray Nozzle – 12 spray nozzles spaced for optimum dispersion inthe steam flow; Large range of design Cv options; High rangeability
  • Superior Pressure 1 bar to 50 bar (15psi to 740psi)
  • Nozzle Rangeability – up to 40:1
  • Accurate control of steam temperatures without water droplet damage to pipe walls
  • Swirl chambers and conical nozzles for optimum atomisation
  • Simple low cost inline maintenance
  • Interchangeable nozzles


  • Suitable to all temperature control applications


  • Multipurpose flow control (Industrial)
  • Multipurpose flow control (Power)
  • Refining and petrochemical (Industrial)
  • Refining and petrochemical (Oil & Gas)

Design standards

ANSI B16.34

Design ratings

ANSI 150 to ANSI 2500

Size range/-dimensions

Pipe sizes 150mm (6”) and above

Pressure class/-power rating


Temperature range





Carbon Steel, Chrome Moly