Wireless Solutions

  1. General Details

    WirelessHART networks for process automation

    Wireless communication quickly gains relevance in automation applications. For process automation, it is not the amount of data that poses challenges, but the distances to be bridged. Whenever the plant architecture does not allow conventional wiring, values are only accessible through frequent visits to the field.

    WirelessHART offers a cost efficient solution. Measured values become available on a regular basis, which leads to increased quality and more economical operation of process plants.

    In a WirelessHART based network, every participating device simultaneously works as a signal source and a repeater. Through the routing of the individual signals across the entire network, a wide network structure becomes possible.

    WirelessHART products from Pepperl+Fuchs

    Pepperl+Fuchs offers several modules to connect sensors to a control system or asset management system with a wireless network. These WirelessHART products support the installation of field devices from different manufacturers without the need for additional wiring effort and costs. A reliable, interference-free communication is established with the following components.

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  2. Gateways

    WirelessHART Gateways

    The WirelessHART Gateways are the core elements of a WirelessHART Network.

    The Network Manager determines the best primary and alternative paths between the single wireless sensors. It also determines which sensor is allowed to send a message on a specific channel. Network wireless communication is organized and optimized to provide the best performance in terms of speed, throughput, and energy consumption.

    The WirelessHART gateways provide the connection to DCS or Asset management systems with an Ethernet and RS485 interface, which can transfer data via HART or MODBUS protocol.

    The integration in DCS or AMS is done via DTM or DD.

    The Pepperl+Fuchs gateways offer:

    • Easy to understand network diagnostics via web interface
    • Free choice of control system manufacturer
    • Flexible Modbus Mapping Generator for fast commissioning

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  3. Adapters

    WirelessHART adapters enable access to measured values, diagnostic data, and parameterization data of new or already installed 4 mA … 20 mA and HART devices. According to the type of adapter, they can be connected directly to the wiring of every conventional HART device and 4 mA … 20 mA field devices. Installation with a short cable link is also possible. The electrical supply of the WirelessHART adapters is provided either by the loop itself or via a battery. In either scenario, adapters are continuously operating and serve as routers within the WirelessHART network.

    The loop-powered adapters come with the patented “StepVoltage” concept, ensuring that voltage drops in the loop caused by the power consumption of the adapter remain very low.

    The battery-powered adapters supply themselves and the connected field devices with energy, leading to a maximum of independency. Battery lifetime reaches several years, according to power consumption of the field device, voltage requirements, measurement times, and intervals between measurements.

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  4. Temperature Converter

    WirelessHART Temperature Converter

    The WirelessHART Temperature Converter provides two connections for temperature sensors (RTDs and TCs) and transmits the values directly into the network. The temperature converter is battery powered and also serves as a permanent router. Through user configured time intervals, the temperature measurements are performed and sent via the internal antenna. Depending on measurement intervals, battery life can last for years.

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  5. 3-D Simulation

    3-D Simulation with Wireless Network Checker

    Wireless Network Checker (WiNC) consists of two software programs. With these programs you can quickly create a three-dimensional simulation of a WirelessHART network.


    WiNC Modeling Software
    WiNC Modeling Software

    WiNC Modeling Software

    Tool to import and model plants and areas.


    WiNC Simulation Software

    WiNC Simulation Software

    WiNC Simulation Software

    WirelessHART devices are placed and the network is simulated.


    WiNC Wireless Network Checker

    • Takes enviromental factors into account
    • Offers proof of concept
    • Reduces installation time
    • Optimizes the amount of repeater (devices)

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