Signal Conditioners

General Details
Signal conditioners protect signal transfer between field devices in safe areas and control systems by galvanic isolation of the loop.

Particularly in case of long transmission paths, signal conditioners avoid compensating currents which may occur from ground loops. Signal conditioners also offer effective protection against electromagnetic disturbance or dangerous over voltages on the signal loops.

Depending on the type, signal conditioners offer additional features like limit switching, transformation from field in standard signals, as well as splitting of signals, which means doubling the input signal.

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The K-system comprises signal conditioners for signal transfer between control system and safe area as well as isolated barriers for communication with field devices in hazardous areas. They are preferred for these kinds of mixed applications.

  • Wide range of isolated barriers and signal conditioners for mixed applications
  • Modules for universal power supply
  • Reduced wiring by Power Rail
  • Removable terminals
  • Many modules with marine approvals and SIL assessment

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SC-System signal conditioners are especially designed for general-purpose applications and ensure absolute reliable process communication. High-quality isolation, an extended temperature range, and an extremely compact housing design characterize the signal conditioner line.

The SC-System offers powerful modules for analog and digital measuring signals – from the isolating amplifier to the highly functional temperature converter to switch amplifier. Matching accessories enable easy and fast power supply, installation and, configuration of signal conditioners.

The SC-System combines the most powerful features of comparable devices in one product family.

Highlights of SC-System signal conditioners

  • Quick and easy mounting
  • Reduced wiring effort due to Power Bus
  • Minimal space requirements due to 6 mm module width and 97 mm height
  • Extended temperature range from -25° C to 70° C
  • Maximum protection of people and equipment by high-quality galvanic isolation with 300 V operating- / 3 kV test voltage
  • Optimized housing design for easy handling

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