Batley Valve® BV 10000 – Swingthrough

The Batley Valve® BV 10000 Swingthrough is a versatile and robust control valve that is suitable for many process applications.

General Details

The standard range of Butterfly Valves has been designed to give cost effective flow control of liquids and gases where a complete tight shut-off is not essential. The ‘swing-through’ vane, which has no contact with the valve body, enables the valves to be used with high pressures and a wide range of temperatures. The standard  has a basic “equal percentage” characteristic but this is only true between the 10° and 60° open position. For control, 60 degree vane rotation is normally used and 90 degree vane rotation for on/off service.

Key features/benefits

  • The swing-through vane which has no contact with the valve body enables the valves to be used with high pressures and a wide range of temperatures
  • Body Type: Wafer, Lugged, Flanged, Clamped & Butt-welded
  • Actuation can be with diaphragm, piston (rotary or cylinder), electric or manual


  • Due to the standard concentric vane, the application are for low dynamic deltaP throttling service or isolation when the shut-off is not essential (Class II)
  • Water systems


  • Low noise (Power)
  • Low pressure flow control (Industrial)
  • Materials handling (Industrial)
  • Low pressure flow control (Power)
Design standards

BS 5155

Design ratings

ASME 150 – ASME 2500 (PN10 – 40)

Size range/-dimensions

50 to 2000 mm (2” to 80”)

Pressure class/-power rating


Temperature range

-200°C to 1000°C (-328°F to 1832°F)




All castable materials: Carbon Steel, Austenitic Stainless Steel, Duplex, Super Duplex, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, Aluminium, Bronze,Titanium.


  • A contoured vane can be supplied with equal percentage characteristics over 10-90° travel
  • Varidiff Trim can be used to avoid problems related to cavitation
  • Live loaded glands for control of emissions to atmosphere
  • Open & closed extensions for valves on elevated temperature duty
  • Cold bonnet for cryogenic valves
  • Purge connections between packings
  • Gland with Lubricator fitted